Parsnip Bake and Braised Cabbage with Red Beans and Rice


This is Piggle’s plate for a change.  That’s a ripped up Chickpea Cutlet in the front and some home made chips, basically just roastie tatoes in chip shape for a change!  The Parsnip Bake was very simple, it’s basically pureed parsnip with cream, salt and pepper and some lemon juice with buttered breadcrumbs on top.  Jim wasn’t that keen on it but Piggle and I enjoyed it and it was a nice new way to use up parsnips.


Searching for new uses for all the cabbage we’ve been getting in the boxes I came across this interesting sounding dish in The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen.  I really like Donna Klein’s books, she has a new one out called The Tropical Vegan Kitchen which I will get as soon as I can and I use her Italian one a lot.

You cook the onion and carrot for a bit and then add the cabbage (I used a combination of savoy and sweetheart cabbage, used 3 small ones) and some stock and simmer it for a while.  Then you add arborio rice and more stock and cook that until the rice is soft.  At the end you throw in a tin of kidney beans and heat them through.  I wasn’t sure if the kids would like this one but they both wolfed it down and Jim asked if we could have it again in the future so it’s a winner all around as I really enjoyed it too!


One thought on “Parsnip Bake and Braised Cabbage with Red Beans and Rice

  1. I posted a cabbage soup recipe on my blog last week if you are interested. It turned out quite tasty. I had never made cabbage soup before and Josh wanted some.

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