Boxes, little boxes…

So, it’s been a while again…  Really didn’t mean it to be but for some reason I just don’t seem to find the time to post as often as I’d like so I’m forever playing catch-up.  I have 3 photos of organic boxes in my photos folder so I guess the catching up will start with those and the menus that I planned for them!


We got parsnips, leeks, a red pepper, potatoes, onions, a small swede, carrots, a cabbage, kale and chard.

The menu for this one was:

1. White Beans and Kale – Yellow Rose Recipes served with rice

2. Stew and Dumplings

3. General Tao’s Tofu with rice

4. Wrappers (Jim’s word for burritos) with tvp filling, refried beans etc.

5. Leek and Potato soup and bread.

This menu didn’t quite go to plan as I got sick early on the Tuesday morning so the stew went out the window along with the White Beans and Kale which got moved to the next week’s menu.  I didn’t make the soup either, instead when I got the boys back home after picking them up from their weekend with their Dad I found 2 portions of soup in the freezer and gave them that instead!


In this box we got carrots, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, a small swede, leeks, purple sprouting broccoli, chard and a lettuce.

I’ve emailed the lady who we get the box from and in the summer rather than mix the salad in with the vegetables she’s going to do me just a vegetable box plus a bag of salad (at extra cost of course!).  I eat a lot of salad for lunches in the summer and if we got it all mixed in with the vegetables we wouldn’t have enough of either and I’d end up having to buy more of both from the supermarket which seems silly.  Also this way it’s local and seasonal which is one of my long list of things I like about the boxes.

So, the menu:

1. Spicy Tofu Broccoli Rabe with Rotelle – Veganomicon.  I don’t know what purple sprouting broccoli is called in the States and we don’t have Broccoli Rabe over here…  I also put tofu in this dish rather than the tempeh it calls for as I’m not a fan of the texture or taste of tempeh and it’s really expensive here anyway.

2. Root Soup with Cheese Scones – Soup Kitchen

3. White Beans and Kale – Yellow Rose Recipes, with rice

4. Vermicelli with Curried Mushrooms and Chard – Vegan Gourmet – I subbed mushrooms for aubergine as it’s one of the very short of list of vegetables that I don’t like. There won’t be a review of this dish beyond this entry as my Mother made it for the boys while I went out one evening and Jim’s request that my Mother find the cookbook so they ‘can write yuck next to the recipe’ pretty much summed up how they all felt about it!

5. Sausage and Potato Skillet – Everyday Vegan

6. Vegetable Soup (this turned into Leek and Potato soup instead!).

And finally the box I’m cooking from this week:


There are 2 cauliflowers, potatoes, onions, carrots, celeriac, chard and greens of some sort.

I’ll be making:

1. Red Lentil and Cauliflower Curry – Veganomicon – this was the first thing I thought of when I saw cauliflower in the box, I’ve not made it in ages and have apparently never blogged it even though I’ve cooked it multiple times!

2. Mole Skillet Pie – Veganomicon – with sweetcorn

3. Udon With Shiitake Mushrooms and Kale – Veganomicon – this will actually be soba noodles (couldn’t find any udon today) with whatever mushrooms my sister can find me and chard, close no? :o)

4. Sausages, Potatoes and Carrots

5. Celeriac and Potato Soup (to be made up as I go along).

As you can see once I got going finding stuff in Veganomicon to make I kind of got stuck in the book!  There is so much in there to discover depending on what vegetables turn up so I’m looking forward to summer treats from it when we get the seasonal vegetables.

So, that’s the vegetables and the plans, hopefuly soon I will get the towering pile of cookbooks off the desk and back onto the shelves in the kitchen, don’t go holding your breath though, I’d not want you to hurt yourselves!


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