I have been reading about Vita-Mix blenders for ages on blogs but what’s sold me for really wanting one is that it will blend nuts into a paste (which I’ve never managed with any kitchen equipment) and that I can make soup in it, which would be so handy for Sunday evenings when I get home with the boys and need soup made fast (I do try and do it in advance but don’t always get time). I also want to get more smoothies into our lives but my blender leaves lumps in stuff (even though it’s much better than my previous blender which basically didn’t really blend…) which is offputting for kids.

However, I had no idea that they were so expensive. I thought to myself ‘I’ll save up for one’ thinking they were around £150 or something. The cheapest I’ve seen so far on Google is £399, I could take the kids away on holiday for a week for that amount of money!

So, the Vita-Mix will stay a dream for quite a while longer I think, saving up that amount of money would take me years and even though I know all the wonderful things about it actually spending that amount of money on one kitchen item (I only paid a bit more for my cooker!) would probably send me over the edge…

I guess a girl can dream though!


4 thoughts on “Vita-Mix

  1. Yes, the Vita-Mixers cost an arm and a leg. It is ridiculous how expensive they are. They seem pretty awesome though. I am trying to save up to buy a food dehydrator. We love dried fruit around here, especially Arthur. The cheapest I have seen was for $50. Not to bad.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Have you ever looked at a Bamix? My mum bought one years ago from a kitchen/household fair in Holland and it’s great. It’s like a blender but a chopper and mixer too. I used mine loads when I was weaning the kids and now I use it at least once or twice a week for blending soups. I love mine and wouldn’t be without it. No idea about costs – the one I have now, I’ve had for years and I can’t remember how much it cost, but I’m sure you’d find it on the internet somewhere. Picture here

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