Catching Up, Yet Again…

I can’t seem to get into a rhythm of posting on this blog, I promise to try harder and to stop getting a pile of cookbooks on my desk before I write about what I made!

The Candle Cafe Mushroom Risotto was really nice, no photo of it I’m afraid as it was something I started making and my Mother finished and fed to the boys while I was out at knitting. I had the leftovers for lunch today though and it reheated really well. The only changes I made were to add half a cup of extra rice (and therefore more stock) as I wasn’t sure if my Dad was also coming to dinner and I added an onion, couldn’t imagine risotto without it!


Bit blurry that picture…  Am I the only one who finds The Real Food Daily Cookbook a pain in the ass to cook from?  The recipes seem overly complicated, fine for restaurant cooking where different people are preparing different parts of the meal, but for home cooking it can be really fiddly and time consuming…  This is the Sesame Tempeh (using Tofu) with Sauteed Collard Greens and Whole Roasted Garlic.

My garlic burnt rather than roasted but there is enough of it in this recipe anyway without it I think.  I made half the recipe, the full one calls for about 24 cloves of garlic, and no, that’s not a typo!  The marinade for the tofu was fabulous, so nice that rather than just wasting it I added it to the dish at the end instead of just a bit of tamari as the book called for.  It was a really tasty meal, I served it with cornbread from La Dolce Vegan, but for some reason Piggle refused to eat it, I only got two spoonfuls into him and the second one he sat with in his mouth for about ten minutes…  Jim ate it though and I liked it so when I’m up to all the different steps and stages I may give it another go.  Half serve just the three of us so I’d say the full recipe would serve 4 adults with some cornbread on the side rather than the 6 the book says.


This is Linguine with Broccoli Sauce and Garlic, and for the eagle eyed of you, yes I did use spaghetti instead as I can’t find organic linguine here!

This is a super simple but tasty dish from Vegan Italiano which is a wonderful cookbook.  I finally got The Tropical Vegan Kitchen today and I’m looking forward to trying some new dishes from there.

All you do with this is blanch the broccoli (I used purple sprouting) and then cook the pasta in the same water (you don’t loose all the vitamins that way and it gives it a nice taste).  Then you saute garlic, red pepper flakes and the broccoli, add a bit of stock and some salt and pepper and then mix it with pasta and you’re ready to go.

We all enjoyed this, the red pepper flakes give it a little bit of heat and the dish keeps the lovely freshness of the broccoli so you’re not eating sludgy vegetables!

Plenty more to come but I’ll space it out a bit rather than hitting you with it all at the same time, at least there are now 3 books that can go back into the kitchen!


So, what do you think?

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