On we go!


This is from Veganomicon, the title of the recipe is Udon with Shiitake Mushrooms and Kale in Miso Broth.  What I made was soba noodles with brown mushrooms and chard in miso broth!  It was a lovely dish, very very simple to make and for once the miso didn’t totally overpower everything like it had tended to do in the past when I’ve used it.  I’d like to try it with the udon noodles when I manage to get hold of some (going to the Chinese Supermarket next weekend!) but I don’t know if I’ll ever use shiitake mushrooms as they’re very expensive here.

Both the boys enjoyed this and there was enough leftover for my lunch the next day.


From Veganomicon again we had Mole Skillet Pie With Greens.  This uses the Chile-Chocolate Mole sauce recipe which is also in the book.  You basically cook your veg, add the sauce and then put a cornbread crust on the top of it.

The sauce was a little bit too rich for me, if I make it again I think I will put half the chocolate in it (although I have half left in the freezer so I won’t need to make it for a while!).  It did cover any bitterness in the greens though and it was easy to get Jim to eat his dinner by showing him the chocolate going into the sauce!  Piggle was not so keen on this, I think it was too rich for him as well.  The cornbread topping was a bit dull too, I think that if I make this again I will use an old favourite cornbread recipe rather than the one in the book as it was too dry as well.


This is Szechaun Vegetables from Vegan Fire and Spice.  I wasn’t all that impressed with this stir fry, I thought that the sauce was a little bit tasteless, I think that the liquid from the cabbage and the mushrooms may water it down a bit more than it should be.  Again I used brown mushrooms instead of shiitake.  It’s a very easy dish but there are a million stir fry dishes in the world so I probably won’t visit this one again.  The boys didn’t find it that wonderful either, and again it only served 2 small children and 1 adult with no leftovers rather than the 4 adults that the recipe suggests.


2 thoughts on “On we go!

  1. My sort of food although I’m vegetarian, not vegan. I’d like to be vegan but I’m afraid I’m too lazy…
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