Day 2

I think Day 1 went pretty well, I managed not to snack at all (even during the evening which is usually the time I’m tempted the most) and I didn’t eat the kids leftovers which has been a bad habit of mine (I hate to see food go to waste!).

Breakfast – smoothie made from 1 frozen banana, a large handful of frozen strawberries, 1 Tbsp flax seeds, some raw cacao niblets, 3 small leaves from the greens in the fridge, soya milk and a little bit of agave.  Again this made quite a lot so I saved the second bit of it for after the school run which is another snacky time for me (if I get to drink it that is, Jim tried to steal the leftovers yesterday!).

Lunch – 1 wholemeal pita bread, more of the hummus I made yesterday and a humungo carrot.

Dinner – Curry and naan bread.  The sauce for the curry was made using coconut cream which is lovely stuff.  I made up the curry as I went along using what I had to hand (small cauliflower, large onion, large carrot and large potato plus some curry paste) and decided against having rice and bread with it as I don’t need both and the boys usually just fill up on bread and are forced to eat whatever I serve with it, they’re big on the carbs!

I will admit to licking the spatula and the serving spoon of the chocolate pudding that I made for the boys but I didn’t finish it off as soon as they were in bed like I did last time so I think a small taste can be forgiven!

Drinks – 2 cups of decaf coffee with 2 sugars each, 3 medium glasses of water, small glass of red wine.  I’m going to try and stick to 3 glasses a day until my bladder gets used to it and then add a glass more at a time until I get to a decent level.  I think I have a tiny bladder or something as even from this small amount of liquid I was up and down to the toilet all day!

I’ve run out of pita bread so I may try and find the recipe for flax seed crackers that I’ve used before, Jim liked them as well so they can go in his lunch.  I am enjoying the hummus but I don’t want to eat it every day, luckily as it’s mainly beans and only has 2 Tbsp of oil in the whole recipe I’m allowing myself a third of it for lunch each day, any more than 3 days and I’d be looking for something more interesting I think!

I was worried that the smoothies wouldn’t make me feel full in the mornings, I usually have 2 slices of toast with peanut butter.  However, they are keeping me full until around 12 which is fine for lunchtime ahead of getting Piggle out of bed for his lunch so I’m pretty happy with them.  I will find other stuff to have as well though as again I don’t want to eat the same things day in and day out, plus I’m running out of fruit!


2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Good job! My biggest problem is probably tasting when baking! I have to lick the spoon, the bowl, and then I have to sample the finished product — twice. Ha! I just ordered a food journal from Amazon, and I’m going to start writing everything down.

  2. I have a WW recipe for butter bean hummus, let me know if you want it, pretty certain it’s vegan too. Haven’t tried it yet but thought it’d make a nice change from chickpeas (which are the only pulses I tend to eat – I love hummus and could eat it till the cows come home). The library has a very nice book on hummus, it’s only small but has lots of different variations – I often put a roasted red pepper in mine or some black olives to ring the changes. Paprika works well too.

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