Diet Update

So, I stopped posting about the dieting, I didn’t fall off the wagon big time or anything like that, in fact the first week I lost 3 lbs which was great!  However the second week I was quite down and ended up putting most of those pounds back on again…  I have to try and remind myself that eating will not make me feel less lonely, I’m an emotional eater and it’s something I really need to work on.

Since then I have hovered around the 2lbs off mark.  I am still eating too much is the problem I think.  I don’t really think it’s an issue with what I’m having just the portion sizes being too big.  And the fact that I still haven’t managed to exercise at all…

So, I will try and do a weekly update (that will be the death of it huh?  Whenever I say I’ll post regularly I disappear for months on end!) and to cut back on what I have.

Saying all that I must go and make the pizza dough for tonight’s dinner and who ever has ‘just a little bit’ of pizza?!?


One thought on “Diet Update

  1. I was reading this and suddenly realised I have this long list of excuses when I fall off the wagon. I tell myself at the end of the day that that piece of cheese won’t do any harm as I’ve been running this morning. I will start tomorrow when the biscuits are finished. I’m going to Holland and I won’t be eating well so it doesn’t really matter if I don’t eat well the rest of the day. Excuses excuses excuses! And it always makes me feel so much better if I do eat well and not too much, so why I can’t just stick to it I don’t know!

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