Herbs and Spices

A week or so ago several vegan blogs were showing off their herbs and spices and the way they organize them.  So I took some pictures and then never got around to showing you, but here they are finally!

I have no shelving in this kitchen and as it’s a rented house and I’ve already put up 4 bookshelves on the wall for my cookbooks I don’t feel like I can drill yet more holes for my herbs and spices.  Therefore they are stacked on the counter next to the stove as so:


The two larger jars on the lefthand side are sun dried tomatoes and dried lim leaves.

As you can see by the stack of little jars to the left I have run out of labels.  I got them from a lovely cookware shop in Whitby and I’ve been back twice now to buy some more but they have been out of stock.  They come with pre-printed labels and also some blank ones that you can write on.  When I had used up all the pre-printed ones I needed I stuck white stickers over the words and wrote over them.  Hopefully next time I go I can get some more because I have all these waiting to be put in jars


I also have a package of jerk seasoning that I found in a supermarket the other day.

The jars are from Ikea, I bought 8 more last time I went and those are now allocated to things so I will have to buy another 8 next time I go!  Herbs and spices are so important in vegan cooking and I love having a wide supply at hand.  I found somewhere online a couple of weeks back that does almost the whole range of Suma Organic herbs and spices and I now have 12 boxes on my counter top waiting for me to empty, rinse and refill my jars so that even more components of our meals are organic.

There are still a few things I am missing from my collection, file powder and savory being 2 I can think of, but I know where I’m going to buy those (and probably some berbere, or however it’s spelt, too) but there’s no rush as I’ve no jars to store them in!

My stacks of jars make me happy and only occasionally fall over (the jars are pretty resilient and to date I’ve not had one break, loads will now just wait!).  It’s not the ideal way to store them, ideally I’d like them in little box shelves on the wall, but as I said this house is rented so I can’t keep drilling into the walls all the time (plus my Dad gets fed up with sorting out my storage for me!), one day they will be how I want them though!


One thought on “Herbs and Spices

  1. Wow! That’s one huge spice collection. Mine are all shoved into my lazy Susan cabinet. If I had mine stacked on the counter like that, my cats would knock them down everyday. My cats are evil little beasts.

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