You Wanna Know What???


More questions doing the rounds and as I don’t really have a post planned for today and I’m having a lazy Sunday lounging around with the kids at home here are my answers.

1. What single thing most inspired you to take the leap from being an omnivore/vegetarian to being a vegan?

As I said in my vegan story post to me being vegan is doing what’s right rather than doing what’s easy.  I’d been vegetarian for almost half my life when I went vegan and it was realising what I would be feeding my, at the time, young baby and how bad it would be for him that gave me that final push.  Saying that, Jim is still about 10% vegetarian as I didn’t feel that I knew enough about vegan food to feed him vegan right away (he’s 6 now).  Piggle is completely vegan and very healthy and Jim only has the veggie stuff occasionally at school, very very ocassionally where I will buy him some non-vegan crisps (he will only eat cheese and onion flavour…) and when he’s with his Dad.

2. Are you 100% vegan (food wise at least) or do you sometimes eat non-vegan food, and if do so, under what circumstances does it usually happen?

I’m 100% and if I’m not sure it’s vegan I won’t eat/drink it.  Any alcohol I consume is also vegan and all toiletries and household products are too (I’m never sure about nail varnish and what makes it non-vegan so I do buy a brand I know is vegan but I have quite a few that probably aren’t).  I’m working to be as close to 100% vegan as I can in everything but there are always exceptions (like leather shoes for the boys so their feet don’t get mangled), I do the best I can.

3. Where do you stand on the whole B12 thing? Do you take supplements, eat fortified foods, do you even care? (not to preach but you really should!)

We take supplements, I can’t think of anything in the UK that is supplemented besides cereal and it’s usually not a vegan form of B12.

4. Which rocks – Tofu, seitan, or that other stuff, what do you call it, Tempeh?

I love seitan and finally got around to ordering more vital wheat gluten as I’m completely out.  Tofu comes in second and I’m getting much better at cooking it.  I am not a fan of tempeh, I’ve tried it a few ways and it just has an odd taste that I don’t like (which is good actually as it costs a fortune over here!).

5. What are your top 5 vegan meals?

Um, Chickpea Cutlets are always a winner, I make a mean vegan ‘chicken’ pie, we eat a lot of Mexican inspired food and a lot of Italian inspired food and pizza is a favourite of us all.  I cook so many different things that we don’t repeat much all that often!

6. Are you vegan and proud, get used to it! Or do you sometimes keep it quiet? You know what i mean!

I’m happy to say I’m vegan but I don’t push it.  If people ask why or ask questions I answer them but I don’t want to get into an argument about it, it’s my choice and I’m not telling anyone that I’m totally right and they’re totally wrong.  I will push at my family a bit but it’s more in the form of discussions, my sister has a small farm where she raises pigs and sheep for meat so we talk quite a bit about the whole thing, especially when she’s sending something off for slaughter.

7. What is your all-time favourite vegan cookbook?

Um, I have so many books!  I reach for Veganomicon an awful lot and Vegan Planet, Get It Ripe is a nice book, Donna Klien’s books as per my last post.   I like restaurant cookbooks but they can be quite fiddly and time consuming.  Besides that I pick a few at random, usually whatever is newest in the collection, when I have a vegetable from the organic box I want to use up and check the index to see what they offer.

8. What is your favourite vegan food blog?

I don’t have one, I have over 100 vegan blogs in my reader (and now all the MoFo ones, I can’t keep up!) so I read whatever appears.  I admit that I do scan a lot, just going through at speed until I see an interesting looking picture of food or an interesting title.  I don’t seem to have as much time to read blogs as I used to!

9. What is the most annoying thing about being vegan? Come on, you can have a good rant if you want, you’re amongst friends!

Eating out over here.  I have wasted hours of my life wandering around looking for food and on too many occasions I have just given up.  I wish there were more places that I could eat out and feel sure that what I’m eating is vegan rather than being quite sure but not 100%, it takes the enjoyment out of the meal for me.

10. What food do you really hate (vegan food that is)?

Tempeh, anything that’s too hot to enjoy the flavour, aubergine (eggplant) and celeriac.  I also hate overcooked bland vegetables, I have been served too many plain dull meals as if chefs don’t realise that herbs and spices are also vegan!

See you tomorrow!


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