Rice Bowl


I was in the mood for a rice bowl kind of dinner last night and with 2 bags of kale in the fridge I knew I wanted to use one of them up!

Refresh is always a good book to look at for rice bowls and although I didn’t have all the ingredients for any one of the recipes I did decide on the Miso Gravy to pour on top of what I came up with.

I had 3 blocks of tofu in the fridge too so I pulled out one and made Asian Baked Tofu from The Candle Cafe Cookbook.  I love this recipe and the marinade is gorgeous.  I substituted black vinegar for the umboeshi vinegar as I didn’t have any and it worked well.  I’ve saved the remaining marinade to use as a sauce or something later in the week as it’s too nice to waste!


I found some organic red rice a few months back and had never gotten around to using it so I pulled it out and gave it a go.  It was really tasty and I’m looking forward to using it again.

For the vegetable portion of the meal I quickly pan fried the kale with some onion, a large carrot and a small yellow pepper.  When it was done I added a little toasted sesame oil and a bit of shoyu to it for added flavour.

I thought that the boys wouldn’t like this meal at all as I’ve not had much luck in getting them to eat meals like this in the past.  They both did really well with it though, got a decent amount of kale down them and they both loved the sauce.  Piggle kept pointing to the saucepan to ask for more of the gravy, I think he had 4 servings of it in the end!  I had thought when I made it that next time I would half the recipe but I guess there’s no need to as it was enough to serve 4 adults and was all gone by the time they were full!

I must make more of these type of meals, they’re filling and tasty along with being pretty healthy, plus they’re easy and quick as long as you put the rice on at the start and make sure the tofu is marinading earlier in the day.


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