Backyard BBQ Chilli and Skillet Cornbread


This Chilli is something I’ve made so often that I can’t believe that I’ve never blogged it before!  It’s from Vegan Planet with bbq sauce from either GOV or HIAV, I can’t remember now and can’t be bothered to go and look it up, sorry!

This chilli is actually leftover from when we went camping in August, I made up a batch and froze it in 2 containers and took half of it with us for an easy meal.  I threw in some courgettes and peppers as I had them in the fridge and used half black beans and half kidney beans.

I don’t add too much chilli powder to it so it’s spicy but not hot heat wise otherwise the boys won’t eat it.

The cornbread was a new recipe for me, I usually make one from La Dolce Vegan but it calls for curdling soya milk and since we’ve changed to rice milk I’ve discovered that it doesn’t curdle at all!  The cornbread has chipotles in it and as you can’t buy them tinned over here I soaked half a teaspoon of chopped dried ones in hot water for a few minutes before adding them.  It gave it a nice smoky flavour, but again didn’t add too much heat.  The boys wolfed it down so it must have been ok!

I’m really looking forward to 1000 Vegan Recipes being released soon.  I’ve got it preordered and can’t wait to see what Robin Robertson has come up with this time.


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