Do You Kugel?


I don’t think I’d ever seen a recipe for kugel until I got Veganomicon and I have to admit I had no idea what kugel was, what might be in it or how it was made.  One day, having more spinach in the organic vegetable box than I knew what to do with, I followed the index in Vcon to the recipe and gave it a go.

I’ve made this three times or more now and have made a couple of small adjustments to suit our tastes, the first adjustment is that I only make half of the recipe as it’s more than enough to feed 1 adult and 2 young kids.


Vintage Pyrex dish is optional, this one I got from my Mum, I have no idea where she got it from but I love it!

And because it actually works I like to turn out the kugel for that ‘aren’t I a fabulous cook?’ feeling!


I always use fresh spinach in this (although the one above is actually kale, green and leafy, close enough) rather than the frozen that the recipe calls for (I’ve never bought frozen spinach in my life, I don’t even know if I could get it in the supermarket) so I cook it before putting it in.  I also cook the onion as I found it was still a little bit too raw for me the first time I made it.  Matzos are on the shelf in Sainsburys and they never fail to amuse me by how big they are (they’re the same size as the box, little things please little minds…) and they’re very nice with humus if you have them left over.  Making half only uses 2 crackers and I (or rather Jim) pureed the tofu etc in the mini food processor so there wasn’t much washing up.

I served this with frozen peas, the recipe suggests potato pancakes but I just can’t imagine the carb overload that would give.  I told Jim we were having frozen peas and he got quite irate telling me that it wouldn’t taste very nice and surely it would be better if we cooked them first…  These kids never fail to make me laugh!


4 thoughts on “Do You Kugel?

  1. I’ve had noodle kugel and potato kugel but for some reason, have never had a matzoh kugel. I love the way this looks turned out of the bowl and will definitely look up that recipe.

    By the way, another good way to use leftover matzohs is to cover them with melted chocolate chips and make matzoh cookies. Weird … I know.

  2. I’ve never had kugel either but your sdescription makes it sound easy, I might try it! (You can buy frozen spinach in any UK supermarket, I keep it in the freezer for emergencies!)

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