What the Hell Are We Having For Dinner?


I think we all have those days, days when we have no idea what to make for dinner.  It can be harder when you’re a parent as you can’t really just pull out some crisps and hummus and leave it at that, you’re supposed to provide a decent hot meal for your kids and if there’s nothing you fancy eating they still have to have something.  Being a single parent sucks when you feel like this too as you can’t pass the responsibility and carry on reading the MoFo entries in Google Reader while someone else struggles to figure out what to cook…

Last night was one of those nights, I wasn’t all that hungry and I couldn’t figure out what to make from the assortment of vegetables in the fridge.  I finally settled on Thai Green Curry with noodles and pulled out 2 courgettes, 3 small carrots, a cauliflower (because I’m sure they eat a lot of cauli in Thailand…), an onion and this lot


The Geo Organic Thai Green Curry Paste is really tasty but a little bit hot for my boys (it says on the jar to use half of it for a curry but I use about 1 1/2 tablespoons and that is still a tiny bit hot for them).  I didn’t have any coconut milk so I chopped up some of the creamed coconut and put it in with some water.

The first time I used this paste I thought the curry was a bit runny but I added the lime juice like it told me to on the jar and low and behold it thickened the curry right up, I guess it is a bit like adding lime juice to soya milk, I was very impressed (little things pleasing my little mind yet again!).

I realised after taking the photo that I actually had some Thai Rice Noodles in the cupboard so I put away the soba noodles and pulled them out as so:


Sorry it’s sideways, I forgot to flip it around before I uploaded it.

So, I made the curry with lots of coconut in it and boiled the noodles, mixed them together and came out with this


And it’s not going to win me any prizes for most photogenic dish.  However, it tasted nice and there was enough left for me to have for lunch today so it was a winner in my book.

Tonight we had spaghetti with pasta sauce that I’d made sometime in the past and frozen.  I realised as we were eating that we’ve had noodles 3 nights in a row now so I promised Jim that we would try something different next week.  Maybe penne….


One thought on “What the Hell Are We Having For Dinner?

  1. That was last night in our home too. I love to cook, but wasn’t feeling like it yesterday. So I whipped up a quick pasta dish.

    And sorry for the brainfart on the email the other day when I asked if you had a blog. I didn’t connect your last name with the blog. Sorry. I love your blog.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Krys and the boys

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