Creamy Sweet Potato Bake


Another winner from Vegan Yum Yum, be impressed please with how much mine looks like the picture in the book (allowing for the fact that I take crap pictures!).  I didn’t use my white casserole dish to copy the picture but because it was the only one big enough to hold everything, I wanted to use my favourite casserole but it was just a bit too small. What?  Doesn’t everyone have a favourite casserole dish?!?!

I went flicking through the book to look for a recipe that matched up with the vegetables I had in the house and came across this.  I had a bag of kale from the organic box we got on Friday and a lovely huge organic sweet potato that my sister got for me so decided to give this a go.  We love a pasta bake in this house and mixing vegetables with pasta is a good way to get the kids to eat them, it worked especially well with the sweet potato as it fell apart as they are prone to do and coated the pasta so they weren’t really aware that they were eating something healthy!


The sauce is really creamy and my blender did a lot better with the cashews than I thought it would do, it was entirely smooth after I blended it for a few minutes.  I think it must have been the paprika but there was a slight heat to the dish too, I worried that the boys wouldn’t eat it because of it but they seemed to cope fine with it and I really liked it.

The kale was very nice with the sauce and the bits that stuck out the top went crispy giving me a little understanding of what people are going on about when the talk about kale chips, I must try those at some point.

So, two meals and two winners from the book, I want to try some of the tofu dishes from it soon as the rice bowl is fast becoming my favourite type of meal and it seems like the book is really geared towards that way of eating.  I like cooking a meal like this one that has everything in one dish.  I’m really not very good at planning side dishes beyond potatoes and a vegetable but something like this gives everything in one pot and was really simple to put together which is my kind of cooking!  Again, quite a lot of dirty dishes were created whilst cooking it but nothing my dishwasher can’t handle!


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