Photo Dump

I have been cooking but I just never seem to find the energy to write about it, a lot of the time I’m not even taking photos, but here are some pictures that I did manage to take and if I can recall where the recipes came from I will note them…

I’ve been reading about Macrobiotics a lot recently and managed to follow that style of eating for a few weeks.  Unfortunately I was then knocked down by a kidney stone and my eating has gone back to my normal pattern since then.  I felt good on the macro food though and was loosing weight too which was nice.  This is the kind of lunch I was eating, noodles or rice with sautéed vegetables, maybe some beans and/or some seaweed and one of my favourite ways to top it off, Tahini Sauce from The Kind Diet.

This is a Rachael Ray recipe that I saw her cook on tv, found online and then veganised.  It looked really good when she made it and I think mine looks pretty nice too, which made it kind of sad that it didn’t taste all that nice…  It has the very long title of Braised Brockwurst and Warm Vegetable-Hard Cider ‘Kraut with German Style Potatoes.

I think the main problems for me were that there was wine in the potatoes and cider in the kraut, too much alcohol flavour for one meal (on a side note all cider in England is ‘hard’ cider, if it doesn’t have alcohol in it it’s called apple juice or if it’s fizzy it’s sparkling apple juice).  Add to that lots of herb flavours and two types of ‘meat’ flavours with the sausages and the bacon bits in the potatoes and it was just overwhelming.

However, the sausages were the German ones from 500 Vegan Recipes and they were fabulous, the boys loved them and so did I.  In fact I’m really wanting to make some more but the organic sauerkraut is out of stock at the health food shop at the moment…  The bacon crumbles were also from the same book, they didn’t come out quite like they were supposed to I don’t think, they didn’t crumble at all and I had to keep trying to break them into smaller pieces as I cooked them.  They also took a lot longer to cook than the recipe said.  Saying all that though the taste was great and the boys really liked them so I may try them again sometime.

I’ve since made the Independence Day Wieners from the same book and they are great too.  Next time I will half the amount of paprika in them though as they were too spicy for the boys and a little much even for me, but with enough ketchup they’re fine and the texture of them is great!

This is another macro lunch I think, this time with some tofu and spring onions along with brown rice udon noodles which are my new favourite noodles.  There is miso soup in the mug.

This was a really tasty meal despite the fact that it looks a bit brown!  The boys both enjoyed it as well so I’ll be making it again from time to time.  It’s Curried Lentils and Udon from Cooking The Whole Foods Way.  I went and bought all Christina Pirello’s books when I was looking into Macrobiotics and have made quite a few nice things from this book.  I served this with a side of greens as you can see.

I can’t remember what I did to the tofu here, I think it may have been something from Vegan Yum Yum, yep, looking at the book it appears it was the Smoky Miso Tofu and it was really nice.  On the side are some greens and a wonderful dish from The Kind Diet called Rice Pilaf with Caramelized Onions.  I’ve made that dish again using butternut squash instead of the parsnip and it was great that way too, a real keeper.

Another noodle lunch again with the Tahini Sauce!

This is a really ugly looking meal but was in fact really really tasty, and the boys enjoyed it too.  It’s again from Cooking The Whole Foods way and is called Fettuccine with Leeks and Butternut Squash.  We can’t get whole meal fettuccine here though but it will work with any pasta I should think and was easy to make.

This is Marmalade Tofu with Kale and Lemon Pearl Couscous, except you can’t find pearl couscous over here so it’s just normal stuff!  This was really tasty and used up some of the organic marmalade I made a while back.

On a tofu note, Cauldron Foods have changed their tofu.  We occasionally do taste tests for them as we live in their region and we did prefer this new type to the old, however it’s not organic which is really disappointing.  If you feel as strongly about that as I do I urge you to ring them (there is an 0845 number on the packages) and tell them that you want them to go back to organic.  They will give you a pre-written spiel about how Cauldron has never marketed itself as an organic company blah blah blah but maybe if enough people ring they may consider finding a way to change the new formula to organic.

So, that’s all for me, I will try and keep more up to date on here and actually post about what I’ve been making.  I’ve had a ton of new cookbooks recently so there should be plenty of new things to post about.

Off to find something interesting to do with carrots for dinner tonight!


4 thoughts on “Photo Dump

  1. Nice to see you back blogging again Anna! (I’ll have to take a leaf out of your book). I just bought Tal Ronnen’s new book ‘Conscious Cook’. It was a toss up between buying that one and ‘The Kind Life’. Looks like I made the wrong choice. I haven’t been impressed so far with ‘Conscious Cook’, he uses a lot of Gardein which we don’t get over here and also a lot of his recipes seem to use cashew cream sauce and I am intolerant to all tree nuts. Oh well, next pay day I might splash out on ‘The Kind Life’.

  2. Missed you! The food all looks delicious. I have Alicia and Christina’s books too and I’d like to start eating a little more macro a few times a week. I love a good whole grain, veggie combo with tahini sauce.

  3. Sometimes Holland and Barrett have pearl couscous, labelled Israeli Couscous. Found your blog from a post in Fat Free Vegan about homemade yogurt.
    Your macro lunches look beautiful. I have The Kind Life, but haven’t made the tahini sauce. The Ume-sesame dressing is lovely on kale:) I only noticed Cauldron’s tofu had changed when I went shopping yesterday. It’s packaged differently too. Despite not being organic I bought some anyway to see if it had changed. I wonder now that it’s not organic is it still GM free?

  4. Was dying to read your answers to my questions! But for some reason link on my blogger doesn’t work? All other’s working okay so don’t know why. Bother!

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