Welcome To My Kitchen!

I realised the other day that I’ve lived here almost 2 years and I’ve not shown you what my kitchen situation is like!

This is the view from the living room door.

I did a what’s in my fridge and freezer sometime in the past.  My kitchen is very short on cupboard space, the ones in this photo hold my dishes and I have nowhere else to store my jars of pulses etc than on top of the cupboards and on the countertop.

These jars hold lentils, cornmeal, pasta, oats and lots of different types of rice.  There’s also one with tvp up there.  The green plastic container at the end has spaghetti in it.

Lots and lots of glasses.  I have a bit of a glass buying problem, this cupboard goes right back to the wall and is stuffed full of glassware.  I dream of having a 50’s type cabinet for a bar at some point and own quite a few 50’s glasses that I bought off Ebay, there’s also a small ice bucket in there for when the bar dream comes true!

These are my everyday dishes.  We use Ikea dishes and they’ve lasted really well.  To the bottom right of that cupboard are some serving dishes that I use quite a bit.  My mug cupboard is really full, along with my glassware habit I also have a mug habit.  I have a lovely mug rack that hangs on the wall but I didn’t want to drill any more holes into the walls of a rental property than necessary.

The end of these cupboards has one of these silly not very useful display unit things so I’ve stuffed my herbal teabags on it.  The coffee and coffeemate are for visitors, I drink decaf and not all the family are so keen on the lack of caffeine available!

This is what the countertop under these cupboards looks like since I went out last weekend and bought a new toaster and a coffee maker.  I seem to go through toasters every year for some reason, hopefully this one will last longer.  I broke my cafetière a few weeks back and had been thinking of a coffee machine to replace it when I saw this one for a really good price.  It has a timer on it so I could set it to have my coffee ready in the morning were I not a person who turns off every plug possible at night!

I love my huge green bin!  Having it there makes the drawers behind it pretty useless but they have stuff that I don’t use day to day, like my hand mixer and cookie cutters.  The top drawer holds the cutlery.

This is my very messy windowsill that holds junk that I need day to day like chopping boards and vitamins.  The white jars with the wooden lids hold tea, coffee and sugar, there are 4 as I have regular and Earl Grey teabags. You can’t see the curtains too clearly in any of these pictures but I made them from fabric with vegetables on it!

This is to the right of the sink.  My food processor, mini food processor, scales, knife block, popcorn maker and herbs and spices live on this part of the counter.

This is the cupboard under the food processor etc.  It is stuffed completely full and I’m sure that top shelf is going to collapse at some point and cause a pyrex and casserole dish disaster.  The bottom holds all my pans, baking tins etc.  I have to pull out all the stuff at the front when I need something from the back which is irritating as it goes a long way back and things seem to move as far back as they can while the door is shut so they’re impossible to find when I need them.

This is the little half cupboard next to the cooker.  As you can see it holds a lot of bottles like tamari, shoyu, stock powder, nutritional yeast etc.  The top shelf has baking stuff and jars like brown rice syrup and molasses along with the ever necessary jars of peanut butter.

These are the herbs and spices, I love my collection of them and am constantly adding to them.  I very rarely have an avalanche of jars even though it’s all a bit wobbly.  The bottle in front of them is Madeira which my parents bought me when they visited Madeira, I haven’t figured out where to store it yet.  My cup measures live on the counter as I got fed up of getting them out of the cupboard all the time.

This is my food cupboard.  Yes, besides that small half cupboard this is all the room I have to store food in my house, thus the jars on display!  The top shelf has tins and bottles of oil and vinegar (I have quite a collection) and the bottom has miscellaneous things like chickpea flower, brown sugar, panko and rice milk etc stuffed in the back and the cereal and organic juice for the boys at the front.

This is my lovely vintage kitchen table that I’ve owned for many years now, I actually bought it when I lived in a flat that I couldn’t use it in and in the last house it was used as the computer desk so it’s nice to have it put to it’s proper use now.  The cupboard underneath holds extra bags of dried beans, vital wheat gluten, jams and marmalade that I’ve made and new jars and bottles to replace whatever is almost empty.

This is the cookbook collection.  As you can see I’ve run out of room totally but I have nowhere else to put up another shelf so they’re going to have to be stacked up on top of the shelves until I move.  This isn’t all of them either, there are another 9 in the living room waiting to be read and a few more on their way to me in the post, I have a serious addiction I know, but I figure it’s not hurting anyone, it makes me happy and a lot of them I buy secondhand for very cheaply.  To the right is my full wine rack, when I had some cash a while back I stocked it up and now when I drink a bottle I buy a bottle to replace it.  The shelves with books on top hold my tupperware and slow cooker.

So, this is where the food magic happens in my house.  It isn’t a great space to use, the countertop in front of the scales where I chop everything as it’s right next to the stove has a join in the countertop so my chopping board never lies flat.  There also isn’t room for all of this

My collection of serving dishes which live in a small vintage sideboard in the living room.  As they aren’t in the kitchen and everything is so stacked up I very rarely use them which is sad as there are some lovely things in there.

Anyway, hope that wasn’t too boring and in my next post I promise to show some food!


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