Misc Meals and Sharp Objects

I made this a while back now.  Very simple meal of Linda McCartney pies with baked potatoes but I decided to actually do something with the carrots rather than just boiling them and serving them plain.  The recipe is Lemon-Scented Carrots with Capers and Coriander.  It was really strong on the flavours but the boys actually ate them which surprised me.

I’m really not good at doing much with side dishes, I’m more of a single dish cook preferring casseroles or pasta dishes and when I do make something with vegetables on the side I tend to take the easiest route.  This is something that I want to work on to give us a bit more variety in our meals and also to explore the vegetable sections of my cookbooks as they rarely get used!

And on another tangent, I’m getting really bored with recipe books feeling the need to include every ingredient in the title of the recipe.  I love books that have interesting titles for the recipes rather than these longs lists.  For this recipe surely it could have been called Lemon Scented Carrots or Carrots With A Kick and I could have found out about the coriander and capers by reading the recipe for myself?

This meal has a great recipe title, it’s called Slurpy Spaghetti and was cooked almost entirely by Jim for us one night.  The sauce was really simple with not very many ingredients but was very tasty.  Jim actually had two helpings which is pretty much unheard of in our house so we’ll be using the recipe again in the future.  He’s already picked out the next meal he wants to cook for us and that’s planned for Tuesday night as that’s the day I go food shopping and we need a few ingredients for it.  I’m going to try and get him to cook once a week as he has a real interest in food.  Obviously sharp knives can be an issue but we work together on the chopping and he’ll learn some knife skills eventually!

These were some fajitas that I made up.  Actually, as I recently learnt from Iron Chef America, they shouldn’t be referred to as fajitas as that’s a term for skirt steak so if there is no skirt steak in them they’re something else.  I used the seitan from 1000 Vegan Recipes (I made a double batch and froze the rest) and just added spices to it along with some peppers and onions until they tasted how I wanted them to.  I served that mixture with canned refried beans, vegan cheese and some flour tortillas.

And please help me welcome some new additions to my kitchen…

These are my new Furi knives that my sister was very kind to buy for me.  We got the knife block set and split it as I didn’t need a carving knife, poultry shears or a boning knife, I did however claim the block itself as it’s smarter than my old one.  The smaller of the funny shaped knives we ordered separately as those were the ones I really wanted.  Yes, these are the Rachael Ray knives (they say RR on the blade!), we could have bought the same set in black but we’re both fans of bright colours and why have black handled knives when you can have orange ones?  We ordered them from the States as even with Customs they cost less than buying them over here and we got a free knife sharpener which has given my old knives a new lease of life.  So far I’ve only cut myself once on them, with the serrated knife and not even while I was using it to cut stuff, I managed to cut my thumb whilst washing it up…  Anyway, it’s wonderful to have good sharp knives, it makes things so much easier and quicker.


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