Cafe Expert Soya Milk Review

I read about this soya milk online a while back and was excited to see it as it claims that it doesn’t curdle in coffee.  It also says it’s been specially created for the coffee industry which is odd as soya milk doesn’t curdle in coffee when it’s been heated which is why you don’t get a curdled latte from your favourite coffee shop..  Anyway this is what the package looks like

I paid 99p for this carton from a small local health food shop (my health food shop doesn’t stock it and it has to be ordered as a full case so they couldn’t get me just one to try).  They told me at the time that they were considering not stocking it any more so they were interested to know what I thought when I had used it.  Next time I visit I will be able to explain to them why people are buying it once and then not bothering again…

Doesn’t look very inviting does it?  I stirred and stirred and it did mix in but then as soon as it had sat for a few minutes it curdled again…

It did make an ok cheese sauce when I gave up trying to use it in my coffee but I won’t be buying it again, I think I’ll stick to black thanks and a little soy cream at special occasions.

PS Makers of vegan coffee creamer there is a HUGE gap in the market in the UK for your product, please start selling it over here soon…


6 thoughts on “Cafe Expert Soya Milk Review

  1. The product specifically claims it doesn’t curdle and it does curdle! That’s such bad marketing!

    There are some brands of soy milk that do not curdle and they do not even advertise that property… or sometimes when your milk is fresh it won’t curdle, but it does after a few days.

    Thanks for letting us know you just have to heat your soy milk to keep it from curdling. I had no idea =)

  2. Wow! That’s totally false advertising! That is some super curdled milk. I use Silk or the generic Whole Foods brand of unsweetened soymilk and it never curdles … even when added cold to the hot coffee. Are there no soy creamers sold in the UK? That sucks.

  3. I’m definitely going to try the heating the milk thing, that’s when microwaves come in handy! Has anyone noticed that Alpor soy milk in the UK seems to haven’t suddenly become a lot sweeter in taste, i don’t like it anymore. I recently tried Tesco’s own brand and it’s much nicer tasting in tea, can hardly tell it’s soy milk.

  4. I’ve just found your great blog! And I happen to have THE solution to your curdling soya milk. If you put a tip of a tsp’s worth (1/8tsp-ish) of bicarbonate of soda in your coffee before adding the milk and give it a stir the milk won’t curdle! The bicarb neutralises the acid in the coffee. You can’t taste the bicarb either. I use it in my coffee every day 🙂

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