Jim Cooks Vegetable Upside Down Casserole

This was the second recipe Jim chose to tackle and once again he cooked a winner which we all enjoyed!  The recipe is from The Vegetarian Family Cookbook and is pretty simple, pick your veg, saute it for a bit, make the topping, put veg in dish, grate cheese over the top, pour on topping and bake.  I managed to turn it out for him as you can see without ruining it which was a bonus!

Jim chose the vegetables, I had to stop him from using everything in the kitchen but we still ended up with potatoes, carrots onion, yellow pepper, peas and mushrooms.  I don’t know why he put the mushrooms in as he doesn’t like them and picked them out (I thought they were great in this dish), but besides that he ate two portions and agreed that we should write ‘very good’ in the cookbook (my shorthand for everyone having enjoyed it!).

He hasn’t picked another recipe for this week, but he did get his second cookbook for his Birthday yesterday so maybe he will want to make something from there this week.


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