3 Recipe Book 5 Pan Meal

Yep, it took 3 recipe books and 5 pans to make breakfast for dinner!

I wanted some spicy-ish sausages, but in patty form.  These were great in flavour but nowhere near the texture of the sausage patties I remember from 2o odd years ago!  If you can recommend a sausage patties recipe that is like the kind you would get with pancakes in a diner I’d love to hear about it!  The recipe is Breakfast Sausage from Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food which is a lovely book with some great recipes in it, we’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tried so far from it, although I don’t seem to have blogged it…

The recipe says to steam the seitan in link form but I wanted patties so I tried to do them that way.  Obviously it was hard to wrap them in the foil in that shape so they came out sort of like oysters which was a little odd but didn’t affect the flavour in any way.  The only thing I will change next time, beyond perfecting my shaping, is to halve the fennel and crush it a little bit before I add it as there were too many whole fennel seeds for my liking.  I omitted the cayenne pepper too as there was enough heat and spice for the boys.  I mixed it all up in the food processor as is now my standard method for making seitan, so much less mess and I don’t get covered in vital wheat gluten which seems to fly everywhere…

I had one of these patties cut up in a salad for lunch one day and it was great that way too so it’s definitely a keeper even if it wasn’t quite what I was after that night.

The potatoes are Diner Home Fries from Vegan Brunch and I have to say they were the best Home Fries I have ever made, I will definitely be using this as my standard home fry recipe from now on.  The pepper and onion were lovely with it and the method worked perfectly.  I always seem to mush up my potatoes too much or burn them but I’ve finally found a happy medium!  The boys loved them, although they picked out the vegetables, but I kind of expect that now.

The tofu scramble is from Authentic Chinese Cuisine.  I know it’s odd that my favourite scramble recipe comes from a Chinese cookbook but it’s just got such a nice flavour to it.  It comes from the Basic Fried Rice recipe and works out great every time.  I used up the last of the Cauldron tofu in this and I had to add a bit of extra flavouring to it as the tofu was pretty bland so I’m glad that I’ve used it all up now and can start using the organic tofu in the fridge that actually does hold flavour well.  I added mushrooms and spinach to the scramble for a few more vitamins.

The boys and I all really enjoyed this meal, Piggle wasn’t too keen on the scramble and finds seitan hard to chew still with his tiddly teeth but he still ate quite a good amount, Jim wolfed down the potatoes and made it through enough scramble and sausage to make me happy.  I do enjoy having breakfast for dinner and I should really do it more often as I never feel like cooking this kind of thing in the morning, even at the weekends.


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