Stir-Fry with Greens, Mushrooms and Curried Seitan

Phew, I have a large stack of cookbooks that has been growing steadily beside the computer waiting for me to post about the dishes.  Of course the longer I wait the more there is to post about and the more photos I have to upload here and to Flickr and the more daunting the task seems, but I am ready to go now and to share what we’ve been eating recently!

I’ve made this dish in the past but I used TVP chunks last time.  This time I used the seitan I made using the recipe from 1000 Vegan Recipes.  You cook it in a curry like broth to give it flavour before adding it to the stir fry and it makes it really tasty.

The greens were swiss chard from the organic box, I was happy to see the return of these, we were getting a bit bored with the winter vegetables and it’s so nice to be using different vegetables after what felt like an incredibly long winter with very little choice.  I try to avoid buying out of season vegetables from the supermarket.  Along with feeling strongly about organic and local, being as seasonal as possible has also become something I care about (and very few organic vegetables available at the supermarket seem to be grown even in this country let alone locally).  Organic peppers are incredibly expensive so they have become a treat for us rather than a regular part of our diet like they used to be when I bought non-organic ones.  I do occasionally buy a pepper or two that is non-organic but I never enjoy it as much as the organic ones as I’m always wondering what kind of chemicals it has in it.

I do almost always buy organic mushrooms on our weekly shopping trips.  I’m a huge fan of mushrooms and I’m trying to get the boys to enjoy them as well, it can be a bit hit and miss though, it depends how they are disguised as to whether they will eat them or not!

This was a really tasty simple meal which I served over brown rice udon noodles, the boys were in a not eating frame of mind that night for some reason which is incredibly frustrating but you can’t win them all!


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