Kind of Sort of Mexican Casserole

I felt like Mexican food one night but couldn’t find a recipe that combined what I felt like eating and had to hand so I made up this simple dish.  It’s basically just different Mexican type stuff layered together and it came out really well.  Jim enjoyed it so much he asked when I was going to make it again!

The bottom layer is Meximeat from 500 Vegan Recipes.  I left out the cayenne and used chipotle flakes rather than powder as I’ve never found anywhere to buy the powder.  I also halved the amount of paprika in it as the one I’m using seems to be hotter than I’ve used before.  It was still a little bit hot for the boys so I will reduce the amount of flakes next time I make it but the taste was lovely and it was so simple to make.  I sliced some organic tomatoes that needed using up on top of that layer and then put on 2 flour tortillas.

The next layer was sautéed greens and garlic as I wanted to put some vegetables in and I had them in the fridge.  I mixed them into some Melty White Cheez from The Uncheese Cookbook.  Jim ate almost all his greens, apparently putting them in a cheesy kind of sauce makes them a lot more tasty!  On top of that went another 2 flour tortillas.

Next up was a can of refried beans.  My kids adore refried beans and I’m a big fan as well so they always disappear fast here!  I stuck another 2 flour tortillas on top of that and then topped the whole thing off with the rest of the cheesy sauce and stuck it in the oven for about 20 minutes.

I love it when a half-formed plan comes together and especially when the boys will actually eat what I’ve made so I’m sure I’ll drag this idea out in the future and just use different vegetables in the middle depending on what we have to hand.


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