Curried Pasta with Spinach and Lentils

My kids will eat pasta by the bucketful.  If I’m not in the mood for cooking or we’re looking for a simple quick dinner they will eat wholemeal pasta with a little margarine and vegan parmesan (or shaky cheese as it’s known in our household).  Little kids need a lot of carbs and both my kids are carb fiends so I’m always looking for new ways to pack nutrition in along with them.

Pasta East to West is a new book in my collection and it’s got a whole boatload of vegan recipes or ones that are easily veganised (it’s a vegetarian cookbook so no meat in it).  I really like lentils with pasta so when I saw this recipe and remembered that I had some spinach from the organic box in the fridge I made it right away before I forgot (which I often do!).

Basically you just boil the lentils (I used red but you can use whatever colour you want), cook the pasta and then make a sauce with tinned tomatoes, spices, a red pepper (had one to hand for a change!), the spinach and some raisins.  I was concerned about the raisins as I’m not really into sweet with my savoury but they worked really really well in this dish and the boys didn’t pick them out amazingly (they go back and forth on raisins, one day they’ll throw them down their throats and the next they wont’ touch them…).

This was a quick and easy meal to make and we all enjoyed it.  The recipe calls for pasta shells but I’m on a ‘no white pasta only’ kick at the moment and the only pasta I’ve found that’s wholemeal and organic is penne or spaghetti.  Tubes are pretty easy for an almost 3 year old to stick his fork through too.  Piggle avoided the spinach like it was going to kill him but Jim is getting pretty ok with eating greens so plenty got into him.  We’ll definitely be eating this again in the future.


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