Jim Cooks: Stovetop Cheezee Mac

Wow, I didn’t mean to leave it so long between updates as usual!  We have been cooking and eating some pretty nice food but for some reason I haven’t been able to get my act together to tell you all about it!

Jim and Piggle love Macaroni Cheese, I don’t think I’ve met a kid who doesn’t!  It’s a great way to get stuff into kids that they wouldn’t normally eat too.  For example the other night and for lunch the next day Piggle ate a big bowl of Green Mac Cheese where I’d steamed a load of greens and blended them into some cheese sauce, he had no idea that anything except the colour was different (he commented ‘green’ and then dove right in!) but he got a ton more vitamins than he normally would.  I’ve also moved us over to organic wholemeal pasta and the boys are used to it now and eat as much of it as they did the white stuff.

Jim picked out this recipe and did the vast majority of the cooking as it’s really easy and quick (he gets bored if the cooking takes too long!).   We upped the amount of macaroni we cooked to 16ozs (Piggle and I had leftovers for lunch) and I think that without the extra pasta there would have been too much sauce (unless you like it really saucy, my boys don’t).  We also upped the cornstarch as it wasn’t thickening as well as I liked, however as I went to write our comments in the book later I noticed that when adding the optional tin of tomatoes that we should have drained the liquid off of them so that’s probably why it was a bit runny.

The boys and I all really enjoyed this and I think we’ll come back to it again and again when we need something quick for dinner.  Jim classifies pasta meals as having white sauce or red sauce on them and he was thrilled that by adding the tomatoes to this he could have both at the same time!


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