Tofu Jerky

I love jerky and vegan jerky is really hard to find over here, and when you do find it it’s expensive.  I had this recipe from Two Vegan Boys bookmarked for ages and finally got around to making it, and I’m really glad I did!

It’s incredibly simple, why I thought making jerky would be hard I don’t know.  You just marinade the tofu for about 24 hours and then stick it in the dehydrator (which my younger sister calls a defibrillator!) and leave it there until it’s the desired chewiness.

I used the recipe as given and loved the results of it.  However, it could be dangerous to make this too often as I ate the whole lot in 2 days, grabbing a piece here and a piece there as I walked by the bag!  The only other thing that puts me off rushing to do it again right away is the price of organic tofu and the cleaning of the dehydrator.  It has made me wish that I could afford one of the really good dehydrators though rather than my crappy cheapo circular one, no counter space and lack of funds prevent that.

Now I know how easy it is I have plans abrewing for some seitan jerky and some hoisin/soy/sesame oil jerky!


So, what do you think?

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