Oven-fried Chik’n Seitan

It was hot here for about a week and a half before it started raining again and I really wanted something summery but filling one night.

I am a HUGE fan of potato salad, it’s one of my all time favourite things to eat and in the summer I tend to make it far too much but I hadn’t had it in a while and I don’t think I’ve ever tried to feed it to the boys before so I made some using the vague recipe that my Mother always used when we were kids.  Along with the potatoes it has peas, onion (either regular or spring onions) and mayonnaise.  She used to use Miracle Whip and always put a hard boiled egg in hers but mine tastes just as wonderful to me as hers did way back when!  The boys weren’t that impressed with it, Piggle was upset that I’d messed around with his favourite food but he managed to grudgingly stuff some down, Jim didn’t like the onions in it which is fair enough as raw onions are an acquired taste.  I will keep serving it to them though until they get used to it as it’s so handy to serve alongside something in the summer months!

The Seitan was amazing.  I used some of the stuff I made during my big seitan making week from the freezer (I’m almost out now so I need to get going on some more).  The only changes I made were to half the recipe as I only needed to coat 3 pieces of seitan and I reduced the paprika by half and omitted the cayenne.  It was so crispy  and yummy that I want to make it all the time and I’m sure I will keep coming back to it as it’s something you can eat all year round.  Obviously you have to have the oven on which might not be too great in the summer but ours is right next to the back door so if the door is open the room doesn’t get too hot and if you’re serving it with something cold you don’t actually have to be near the oven more than three times (in, flip it, take it out).

I’d like to try some other spices in the coating at some point, I have some lemon pepper and a few other mixtures which I think would give it a nice kick, I’ll let you know how I get on!


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