Cheezy Tofu Potato Skillet

I was tired of seeing nice things posted on blogs from American Vegan Kitchen so I finally gave in and went on Amazon and bought myself a damn copy already!

This was the first thing I tried, not because it was the first thing to catch my attention but because it used ingredients that I had on hand.  My way of deciding what to cook has changed quite a bit from my quite strict menu making days.  Now I rely on the indexes of cookbooks to find something to make each night once I’ve figured out what kind of meal I want to make (ie breakfast, Mexican, curry, etc) and what ingredients I want to put in it.  I then grab whichever books I think might offer me something to fit that idea and look up the ingredient until I find a recipe I want to use.  This is why I have no time for books with bad indexes, if they’re hard to use or don’t list all the recipes or are just damn crap like the one in Garden of Vegan then that book doesn’t get used very often.

So, I had tofu and potatoes and I wanted to make something breakfasty and this recipe fit the bill.  It came together really easily even though it is really three recipes turned into one dish.

The hash browns were nice, although they didn’t work out for me the way the recipe said they would, instead they all stuck to the bottom of the pan and I ended up just shoving it under the grill for a while to finish crisping up.  I also found that we need to make about double that recipe in the future as there wasn’t enough to feed 2 small kids and me happily let alone four adults (perhaps if you just want a small bit for breakfast and are having toast on the side or something it would be the right amount, but for potatoes for dinner it was too small an amount).

On top of the hash browns is some tofu which has been marinaded in some spices and other bits and bobs and some lightly fried vegetables.  The tofu had a great taste and wasn’t your traditional scramble flavour.

The final layers are a cheezy  sauce and some fresh tomatoes (you can add olives too but I was too lazy to pit them for myself and the boys don’t like them!).  The sauce had great flavour but for some unknown reason once I had served the boys portions (that’s Piggle’s piggy plate in the photo) and left them to cool the sauce went back to the consistency of rice milk rather than staying thick.  It still tasted ok but in the future I think I will use flour rather than cornstarch as a thickener in it.

We all enjoyed this, Jim finally agreed that raw tomatoes weren’t going to kill him and Piggle loved the sauce and the potatoes and managed to avoid every vegetable on his plate as is his way.  I’ll definitely make this again and use the components in the future for other meals and I’m looking forward to trying more from this book now I’ve got my hands on it!


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