Dragon Rice Bowl

Mine is nowhere near as pretty as the picture in the book as I didn’t use a griddle to get lines on the vegetables and tofu.  I do own a griddle, however it’s a big one and it doesn’t sit properly over 2 rings on my electric oven which means that one end gets really hot and the other only warm.  I have a griddle pan on my wish list so one day I will be serving vegetables and tofu with lovely black lines on them!

I’m a big fan of the rice bowls and hadn’t tried this one before.  It’s zucchini, tomatoes, tofu steaks, brown rice, miso gravy, spring onions and herbs.

I put the courgettes, tomatoes and tofu under the grill without any oil and they came out really well.  However, baking paper does not do so well under the grill as it chars around the edges, luckily it didn’t catch on fire though!

The Miso Gravy is something we have quite often as the boys really like it, whenever I make up a rice bowl of my own I always make up this sauce to pour over the top. The recipe calls for 1/3 cup vegetable oil which I just subbed with some more water.  It also calls for added salt which I think it totally unnecessary as miso is pretty salty tasting so I was leaving that out anyway.

This was a tasty filling meal, the boys weren’t too keen on the tomatoes but besides that they ate it which is good as they’ll be getting plenty more rice bowls in the future!


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