Temple Rice Bowl

I didn’t serve two rice bowls in the same week, I just didn’t make anything between them really to show you!  This one is from Fresh At Home which I got recently as I loved Refresh so much.  There are quite a few repeats of recipes between the two but plenty of different ones too including a load of rice bowls to try out.

This is one of the plainer rice bowls really, it’s hummus with rice, greens and tomatoes.  It should have sunflower sprouts in it but I didn’t have any, I did have the hemp seeds that are sprinkled on top though and I added some marinated tofu cubes to it too which weren’t in the recipe.  I left the oil out of the tofu marinade recipe and it didn’t make any difference to the taste (I’ve made them a few times before using the oil).

I used whatever greens they are that we’re getting in the organic box at the moment.  They can be quite tough sometimes so if I make this again I will try and use a softer green so there’s less chewing required!

The hummus recipe is oil free besides the tahini, it was a teeny bit bland though for some reason, I’m not that good at traditional hummus, I’ve never gotten it to taste fabulous but I shall keep trying.  The cold hummus with the warm rice was really nice and I enjoyed it and the leftovers a lot.

The boys didn’t really get this one or enjoy it that much, it was more adult in taste, maybe one day they’ll like it, I’m sure I’ll try it again!


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