Burgers and a Book

Burgers are a good way to get kids to eat things they wouldn’t normally eat I’ve found (I have also discovered that I can mix almost anything with refried beans and stick it in a tortilla and my kids will wolf it down…) so I’m always happy to see a new burger book out.  Veggie Burgers Every Which Way isn’t a completely vegan book, quite a few recipes call for eggs, but it does have a section at the front telling you how you can replace the eggs.  I do wonder why the author didn’t put in each recipe ‘1 egg or xx flax seeds and water’ or whatever rather than leaving it up to the cook to decide which one will work best for each burger.

The first recipe that I came across and immediately wanted to try was the Baked Falafel Burgers so I gave them a go as soon as I had gotten my hands on some dried chickpeas (I’d cooked all mine and put them in the freezer in tin sized portions).

This recipe has perhaps my favourite wrong wording for a recipe ever.  Instruction 1 is to pre-heat your oven, instruction 2 is to soak your chickpeas for 24 hours.  I know pre-heating is important but 24 hours seems a little bit like overkill to me…

Anyway, after you’ve soaked them you don’t cook them, you just put them in the food processor with all the other falafel type ingredients and then make burgers and bake them.  Pretty simple.

They were pretty tasty, however, they were a little dry for my liking, I think perhaps cooking the chickpeas for 10 minutes or so just to soften them a little bit might work better.  I served them with potato wedges that I did under the grill (broiler) with no oil at all, they were pretty tasty and the boys wolfed them down.  The burger recipe makes 6 so we have another meals worth in the freezer.

We had burgers another night using this German box mix that my Mother found somewhere or other.

It had the instructions on a label in English on the back.  I don’t know if you can read the writing too well but it says ‘You can’t be more organic than bio-dynamic!’ which I thought was funny and cute.  Nice to know that your veggie burger had been grown according to cycles of the moon!  I baked these rather than frying them and they came out quite well, the boys really enjoyed them.

I got this book recently, not a surprise if you know how I collect vegan cookbooks and how much of a fan of Robin Robertson I am.  What is surprising was that this book looked like it had just rolled out of the printer, 13 years after it was published.

When I opened the book up though I was thrilled to find a little bit of its history, although it raised more questions that it answered.

Who was Pearl?  Where was she leaving and where was she going to?  Did she ever become a teacher?  Why did Beverly miss her last day?  Was Pearl into dairy-free cooking or did she wonder why the hell Beverly gave her the book?  Was she one of those incredibly neat cooks who can keep a book pristine or did she just tuck the book away somewhere away from dust and dirt and then give it away all this time later?  Why did Beverly think Pearl would like this book?  Perhaps Beverly never managed to get the book to Pearl, even at Halloween, and it sat in her house for years as a guilty reminder of how she had missed the opportunity to spread the vegan way…

Needless to say I will be keeping the post-it stuck in the front of the book and, unlike whoever held onto it for all those years, it will become dusty, food splattered, written in and well used during it’s lifetime in my kitchen!


2 thoughts on “Burgers and a Book

  1. The burger looks absolutely delicious!

    It’s so funny, but when I find tickets, etc. in an old book, I always wonder about the previous owner(s) as well. The post-it to Pearl is quite funny.

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