Just looking at this picture makes me want to cook this all over again, it was lovely!

The seitan is a recipe from the Fat Free Vegan blog.  You steam it unwrapped so it stays pretty moist.  I always have a ton of carrots from our organic box, it’s one of the vegetables we can’t seem to keep on top of!  Mashed potatoes is always a winner in our house and the boys can eat as much, if not more, of it than I can.

Once I decided on the 3 things we were going to eat I realised that I wanted some gravy to pour all over it, I was obviously feeling the need for comfort food.  Out came American Vegan Kitchen and I used the recipe for Homestyle Gravy.

The gravy was so nice that we used almost all of it up, we all wanted seconds once we’d eaten most of what was on our plates.  The only thing I changed was to not use the oil or the optional wine, I steam fried the onion instead like I always do nowadays.

I will definitely be making this again as soon as I can reasonably get away with it.  Nothing like a plate of filling food covered in a great gravy!

I realised I haven’t updated how I’ve been doing on the Vegan Hope plan.  I have lost 19.7 lbs so far.  It would have been more had I not gone away twice over the summer and fallen off the plan a bit.  However, I figure that as I probably won’t go away much until next summer that I was allowed the lapses and as soon as I got home both times I got right back onto the plan and lost any weight I may have gained very quickly.  I’m still enjoying eating this way and feeling good on it.  I’ve still got a long way to go but another few pounds and I’ve reached my first mental goal which is really exciting!


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