MoFo – Here We Go!

It’s here again, amazingly, can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we last MoFo’d!  My goal this year is, as always, to post as often as I can and to get back into food blogging.  I seem to have slacked off, and that’s not just in the posting of meals it’s also in the creation of meals.  For some reason I have slipped out of doing a menu plan and just make a lot of simple stuff rather than using my rather large vegan cookbook collection.  Hopefully this will be the month that I correct that and get back into the swing of things.  I miss cooking from the books and trying new dishes and MoFo gives me the perfect kick up the backside to get going again!

We don’t really do much for Halloween here, we don’t trick or treat and this year the boys were off school so there weren’t even any costumes to be made for school parties.  However, Jim wanted to do something and I had bought some Halloween biscuit cutters on sale in Sainsburys so we decided to put them to the test.

I received The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur in the post last week and as it was at the top of my pile of cookbooks to be read before joining their brethren in the kitchen I pulled it out and found the Gingerbread Cutout Cookies recipe.  It went together really easily and after a few hours in the fridge whist waiting for Granny to arrive it rolled out and cut really easily.

These cookies took about 11 minutes in the oven to get a between soft and crispy which is just how I like my gingerbread.  However, it does remind me why I don’t bake very often anymore, I ate about 6 of these yesterday and have already had 1 today, they’re just so tasty!

See you again tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “MoFo – Here We Go!

  1. What cute cookie cutters! I love the pumpkin one. I wish I’d checked in Sainsburys for some now, but we rarely shop there these days.

    Hopefully MoFo will get us all out of our cooking ruts! 🙂

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