Not So Nice Soup

I love mushrooms, can’t think of a way I don’t like to eat them except for when they’re not fried before going on pizza and they go all dry and shrivelled.  This soup, however, was not a way that I enjoyed eating mushrooms, it really wasn’t very nice at all and I had to force us all to eat it before throwing the leftovers down the drain (shows how awful it was as I hate wasting food).

The recipe was from 1000 Vegan Recipes and I’m not sure if it was the recipe or the mushrooms that were at fault.  It’s so dark because I used half black gilled mushrooms rather than white ones.  The fried mushroom garnish with soy sauce was the only thing that made it edible, even the bread I’d bought to go with the soup wasn’t very nice so it was kind of a fail all around.

However, there are many more soup and mushroom recipes in the world so I’m not despairing and 1 thing that doesn’t work out in a book with 999 other recipes isn’t too bad!


6 thoughts on “Not So Nice Soup

  1. The problem is definitely the black gills from the mushrooms that were used. Those black gills are bitter and nasty and don’t help the color of the soup, either. We love this soup, but I usually make it with all white mushrooms!

  2. Yikes. That’s a scary-looking bowl of soup. I wouldn’t have thought about the effect of black-gilled mushrooms, either, but I can see now that white ones would have been a better choice! 😀

  3. Aww, I had a soup fail not too long ago with a squash and pear soup… It just wasn’t salvageable and I’m adamant about saving *everything*. It feels awful pouring food down the drain, but I was unsuccessful at teaching the dog how to use a spoon… 😉

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