Yep, It’s Soup Again…

As you may have guessed I’m catching up on meals I’ve cooked but not posted about, and for some reason the only new recipes I used were for soups, I promise I will try and do better for the rest of MoFo!

This is French Onion Soup from Rose Elliot’s Vegetarian Cookery.  It’s incredibly simple and I use it whenever my onion basket is overflowing.  Basically you fry the onions (they’re supposed to carimelise but not using oil that doesn’t tend to work too well) and then you add some stock and a few other bits and bobs and it’s all done.

The boys enjoy this soup which I think is a little odd as it’s just onions and I would have thought that it would be a bit much for them, but there you go, I’m not arguing with it.  The leftovers reheat well for lunches as well.

I think that’s the last of the soups, onto some solid food tomorrow!


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