Fried Rice, Again…

Sorry for the unplanned break over the weekend, I really did intend to keep posting but I was struck down by the cold from hell.  Yesterday I was so out of it and wiped that my Mother had to come around to help me bath the boys because I couldn’t mange it on my own.  Anyway, I’m feeling a lot better today, although not 100% by any means, but I’m back to posting so that’s one good thing!

This is one of my fallback dishes if I can’t think what to make for dinner and we have vegetables that need to be used up.  The basic recipe comes from Authentic Chinese Cuisine and I’ve posted about it before, it’s called Basic Fried Rice.  I always use the tofu scramble recipe from this book whenever I make it as I love the flavour it has.  Along with the tofu scramble and rice (and I usually don’t use cooled rice for this, I live on the edge and throw it in just after it’s finished boiling) I put in a selection of whatever looks like it needs to be used up right now along with some frozen peas.

This is one of the very few dishes that I still add oil to, not for the frying but at the end when I throw in some toasted sesame oil for that little bit of added flavour.  It’s still the only bottle of oil in my cupboard and it comes out very very rarely, you just can’t beat or replace the flavour of it and it only needs a tiny bit to reap the benefits of the flavour.

If I have seitan in the freezer I will generally throw a bit of that in too, although I didn’t for the one pictured.

Leftovers of this reheat really well for lunches and I’m sure it will be a meal that my kids make jokes about when they’re older ‘whenever Mum couldn’t decide what to cook we always had fried rice’.  As long as it tastes good I can deal with the mocking!


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