You Can’t Beat Pizza

Pizza has been one of my favourite foods since I was a kid.  So much so that when I was a teenager and we were badgering my Mother to start some new holiday traditions I implemented the ‘Pizza on Christmas Eve’ tradition which still happens to this day!

My boys go to their Dad’s house every other weekend so the Friday night that they are with me is Pizza Night in our house.  It’s the only night they get to eat their dinner on the sofa in front of a DVD and they are both big fans of pizza.  I make theirs with just sauce and Cheezly mozzarella on it, Jim will uually have some pineapple on his half.  To ensure full enjoyment of my pizza in peace (there is only so many times in a week I can stand Toy Story 2) I wait until the boys are in bed to make mine and enjoy it with a glass of wine in front of the tv alone once they’re in bed.

I have used the Vegan With a Vengeance pizza crust recipe for years now and it’s pretty no fail.  I tried all different proportions of whole-wheat flour, spelt flour and even some hemp flour once and finally decided that, for me, pizza just tastes best with a white flour crust.  I use brown rice syrup for the sugar content and leave the oil out of it.  Baking it on baking paper means that I don’t even have to oil the tray.  I also used to use the sauce from the same book but a few months back I decided to try and make a no cook sauce that tasted more like you’d get from a delivery place (if vegan pizza delivery were even an option where we live…).  I now blend tinned tomatoes with tomato puree, some herbs, onion salt and garlic granules until it tastes right and it’s really lovely and simple.  I make a double recipe of crust and sauce and freeze half of it so I only have to spend the time on it once a month which is a great time saver as long as I remember to get it out of the freezer!

For my pizza I use mushroom and onion every time and then whatever else I feel like.  In the summer I was having fresh basil and cherry tomatoes on it which was lovely.  I tried to make it totally fat-free by making cheese sauces to go on top but in the end I came back around to the Cheezly and decided that as it’s only every other week and I don’t really eat anything else with fat in it I would let myself enjoy my pizza as nature intended it and not worry about it too much.  I use maybe quarter to a third of the block of cheese so it’s not a huge amount anyway and it just tastes so much better that way.

I’d eat pizza more often if it were a bit healthier, but I like it the unhealthy way and the boys really enjoy having it as a treat at a set time so we’ll stick to our pizza nights for now!


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