Hey Look! I Made Soup!

I know you’re really surprised, I mean, I never ever make soup usually!

This is the first outing for Color Me Vegan which looks like quite a good book.  It’s the Curried Cauliflower Soup.  It was really easy to make and quick and incredibly tasty.  I did wonder about using the full 1 Tbsp of curry power called for but I did (I use mild) and it wasn’t too much, cauliflower can bland out most things so I guess it needed the kick to actually get the full flavour.

Jim saw me putting the cauliflower into the pan which I was trying to avoid ad he’s not a fan at all.  Of course, when I served it up he didn’t want to eat it and was trying to get away with just eating the bread.  When I finally made him eat some he discovered that he actually liked it and finished off his bowl full with no problems.  He said that seeing the cauliflower had put him off but it was actually a nice soup, praise indeed coming from him!  Piggle ate his but didn’t really love it, he’s not a bit cauliflower fan either which is a shame as I love the stuff and we’re getting it in the organic box quite regularly now.

It reheated really well for lunch a few days later as well so I’ll be using this recipe again for sure.


So, what do you think?

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