Noodle Stir Fry with Tofu

I joked on Twitter that my theme for this MoFo was to post at all, so going by those standards I think I’m actually doing quite well getting a few posts up a week!  I don’t seem to be able to focus on anything for more than a few days or even minutes at the moment, I just keep getting distracted by other things that come along.  It’s starting to drive me a little insane and I hope I get my focus back soon.

Case in point, dinner last night (not the one pictured above) became a bit of a trial.  First the pan wasn’t big enough so I had to move it all to a larger one.  Then I turned off the wrong burner (I have an electric cooker and oven, no gas line to my house, we have oil fired heating) and then stood there wondering why the mixture wasn’t coming to the boil.  I finally figured it out and got it into the oven at the time we were supposed to be eating it.  I returned to the kitchen 15 minutes later expecting fully cooked lovely dinner only to find that I’d turned the cooker plug off.  I always keep it off unless I’m cooking as who needs to waste electricity running a clock when there’s one on the wall.  Of course, turning the plug off meant I’d turned the oven off so the dinner wasn’t just uncooked, it was actually colder than when it went in and therefore took longer than it should have to bake.  We finally sat down to dinner 45 minutes late, a new record for me…

Anyway, the meal in the picture is 2 recipes from The Vegetarian Family Cookbook which does actually live up to its name and contain kid friendly recipes.  It also gives you hints as to what you can add to certain meals to make them more suited to adults which is a nice touch.  The recipes were Asian Noodles with Stir-Fried Corn and Cabbage and Teriaki Tofu Triangles.

We have been over run with cabbage and stir fry is usually the first thing to come to mind when trying to get rid of it. This dish was nice but a little plain for me, I think I’ll maybe add some garlic and chili paste to my portion next time around.  However, the boys enjoyed it.

The tofu was really tasty.  I did my usual of marinading it all day rather than just for an hour.  You fry it with the marinade which just sort of burnt to my pan.  Next time around, and I will make both of these again, I will double the marinade as I thought it was a little meagre and rather than dumping it all in the pan with the tofu add a little bit at a time as it’s frying, that should give it more flavour and coat the tofu butter.

Jim has decided that he loves tofu and wolfs it down whenever I cook it no matter what I do with it which is great, Piggle is still not convinced but he’s still in a fussy phase, hopefully he’ll grow out of it soon because he used to be such a good eater.


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