Tofu Chimichangas and Coleslaw

(The chimichanga on the left is cut up for Piggle to eat and to show you what the contents of the tortilla looked like)  We didn’t have tofu two night’s in a row, I can’t remember what we had in between though, obviously nothing worth posting about!  I haven’t used Garden of Vegan in ages.  I’ve said it before, and as it’s my blog I’ll say it again, the index in this book sucks.  I need an index that lists recipes by their main ingredient and this one has some random listing process going on that I’ve never managed to figure out.  Whatever they were thinking about when they did the index it makes it hard to find anything to cook from this book so it’s my least used of the trio.

Anyway, I’ve made these chimichangas many times before, the pages are falling out of the book on this section (these books don’t have great bindings either which is annoying).  They’re really simple to make, just marinade the tofu, add some refried beans (I used tinned) and some sort of cheesy thing, then bake. I made these with wholemeal tortillas, my last packet from the freezer.  They’re really hard to find around here and I haven’t seen an organic tortilla anywhere I’ve looked either.

I used the Simple Cheezy Sauce from 500 Vegan Recipes from the first time as I fancied a change from my usual Uncheese Cookbook recipes and it was really nice, although I did add more flour than the recipe called for as it wasn’t as thick as I wanted it to be and I didn’t use rice flour as I don’t have any.

It has been freezing here recently so why I had a craving for coleslaw I really couldn’t tell you, but I did, big time.  So out came the oh so useful Vegan Deli and I made the Creamy Coleslaw version of the Vinaigrette Coleslaw recipe.  Bonus was I got rid of yet more of the cabbage stockpile.  The dressing is mayonnaise with a few other bits mixed in and it’s the most amazing and perfect coleslaw dressing I’ve ever had.  I ate a ton of it with my meal and then finished off the bowl the next day for lunch, it was super yummy.  (how can WordPress not have coleslaw in its dictionary?)

Of course mayo isn’t on my oil free eating plan and nor were fatty tinned refried beans.  I’ve been having a hard time sticking to it recently but I am determined to get back to it as soon as possible, I felt so good eating that way and want to carry on with it for sure.



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