Fake Chicken Pie

I’m sure I’ve posted about my ‘fake chicken pie’ as Jim likes to call it.  When I told him we were having it for dinner he actually did a little dance in the kitchen!

I didn’t use packaged fake chicken this time, I just cut up the last two Fat Free Vegan seitan cutlets into pieces and threw them in with whatever vegetables looked pie worthy (looks like there’s carrots, leeks and mushrooms in there this time, I can’t recall).  The pastry is packaged, it’s Sainsburys pre-rolled puff pastry, although it didn’ t puff very much.

In the background are the first roasted brussel sprouts of the season, so damn yummy.  I’ve eaten roasted sprouts two or three more times since then and I don’t get tired of them.  I don’t recall where I read about putting barbecue sauce on them but I tried it the other night and oh my god it was amazing, I’m salivating thinking about eating them that way again, but sadly there are none in the fridge at the moment…

Both the boy wolfed down everything but the sprouts, although Jim and I have come to an agreement that as he’s 7 he has to eat 7 sprouts when I serve them.  I forced Piggle (who’s 3) to eat 4, luckily he doesn’t know how old he is yet!

Next up I will probably be posting about our Thanksgiving dinner which we’re not having until Saturday so we can have it with my whole family (my Dad and I are the only Americans but apparently everyone else likes Thanksgiving dinner too!).  I’ll be making the stuffing and a pie, hopefully both will come out ok as they’re both new recipes.


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