Bloody Hell…

So, I knew it’d been a while since I’d posted but I actually had no idea it had been as long as this…  It does make sense though as it was around November that the Vegan Hope plan started to fall apart for me.  We all got sick one after another so cooking needed to be quick, easy and thoughtless.  Then Christmas came and went and after 2 months of not looking out for what I was eating I just never seemed to get back on track.

I’m not saying at all that the plan isn’t a good one, it is and it worked for me when I stuck to it.  I found though, that once the month-long group and workshops were over that I didn’t have any support to keep going with it.  No one to ask questions to or ponder things with and so I fell off the wagon and went back to eating badly again.  I’ve gained back probably 10lbs or so of what I lost, which isn’t too bad but isn’t anywhere near ideal.

So, in an effort to find some support and get myself back to eating healthily and to find some kind of routine and plan for my eating habits I’m going to be giving the Crazy Sexy Life diet a go.  It’s still a whole foods high vegetable low to no crap plan but there are forums and information and support available for it, I need to be able to ask questions somewhere and communicate with people about what I’m doing I have found…

I know it seems that I jump from one plan to another, and I guess I do…  I think that I’m just trying to find what’s right for me.  I know the way I eat when I’m not thinking about it or planning it isn’t wonderful.  Yes, it’s vegan.  Yes, we eat a lot of vegetables.  But, beyond that I eat too much, especially of the wrong things, and my health really isn’t the best.  The CSL plan is a lifestyle plan rather than just dealing with food so I’m hoping it will work with getting my life into the shape I want it to be in, we will see…

Anyway, I am starting to ease my way into it tomorrow.  I’ve cleaned the juicer, made some dressing for a lunchtime salad and I’ve started some sprouts off in the sprouter.

I do have some pictures of things that I’ve made, I will try to figure out which books they came from and post them soon.  It’s good to be back, and if anyone is still reading this and is doing the CSL plan and/or is a member of the forums give me a shout!

ps No, I don’t have cancer of any type!  I realised that when I saying my health isn’t the best combined with doing the CSL diet could sound that way but I do not have any condition that needs the attention of a Dr, I am just not very healthy in general (eat wrongly, don’t exercise etc) and am trying to do something about it before I do need to see a Dr!


So, what do you think?

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