Chick-E-Cheez Sauce

I decided to try a new cheese sauce recipe to go with our pasta and had a look through The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook to see what I’d not made before (or not made for a long time).  I had everything for this sauce and it sounded interesting so I gave it a go.

The finished sauce was nice and glossy and thick, we don’t like thin cheese sauce around here!  I didn’t use the optional miso as I didn’t have any light (finally got my hands on some today) or chickpea.  I added the full quota of lemon juice at the end though and then worried that it would be too sharp for the boys but they both enjoyed it so that’s fine.

This is my usual way of doing ‘pasta with white sauce’ as Jim calls it.  I saute up whatever vegetables we have to hand separately and just stick them on top when I serve it up, that way the boys get to choose how much they have (they must have some, none is not an option!).  This time it was just bog standard onions and mushrooms.

I love this book and should really try more from it rather than sticking to the handful of recipes I tend to use.  I also love my new serving bowl that I got half price from Sainsburys last week!


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