Philly Cheese Steak

I’m afraid I don’t have a picture of this meal which is sad as it was nice to look at as well as to eat but we made it at my sister’s house and I forgot to take my camera with me.

The seitan for this dish is pretty easy to make.  I used just under half of it to feed 2 kids and 2 adults so there is some in the freezer for later use.  The book says that the recipe for the seitan is on pg 87 but it’s actually on pg 44.  The comment above the recipe says that the seitan is a bit breadier than usual and that’s true.  It’s nice but not wonderful as is but once you fry it and it’s soaked up a little of the oil and gone a bit crispy around the edges it’s really nice.  The only changes I made were to use white pepper (mainly as I’m too lazy to grind a tablespoon of black pepper and I don’t have pre-ground in the house) and I left out the cayenne totally.  I found that it had a nice bit of spice from the pepper and paprika, there was no way that any of us would have been able to eat it with a tablespoon of cayenne in it, I just find the heat of cayenne too overpowering and the boys can’t take anything too hot anyway.

I made half the recipe of the cheese sauce but messed up and put all the cashews in as when I was measuring them to take with us I forgot to only get half and then I’d poured the cream on them before I remembered.  I did have to thin it out a little bit because of the extra nuts but it had a good consistency.  I used half a tsp of ground mustard (so 1 tsp for the whole recipe) as it would have been far too overpowering with a tablespoon in it.  I’m not sure if American ground mustard is more mild than Colemans but I don’t think the sauce would have been edible with the whole amount of dried Colemans in it!  This sauce was really tasty and when I’m feeling extravagant enough to use soya cream in a sauce again I will use it on pasta as I think it’d be fab.

We all really enjoyed this, even my omnivore sister (she had mushrooms and onions instead of the peppers as she’s allergic to them) and the boys wolfed down the seitan, sauce and of course the bread rolls!  We’ll definitely be having this again and I’d not be surprised if my sister un-veganises it for herself in the future!

We served this with the Creamy Coleslaw from Vegan Deli which was as lovely as always.


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