Roasted Cauliflower and Courgettes

I didn’t really need a recipe for roasting vegetables but an idea of the length of time cauliflower takes to roast was helpful as I’d never done it before.  The other items on the plate are Sainsburys nut roasts which I love and boiled potatoes from the organic vegetable box (the cauliflower and courgettes were also from the box).  I really liked the roast vegetables, but then what doesn’t taste a little better with oil on it?

There look to be some interesting things in this cookbook that I’d like to try sometime.  I do have a bit of a bugbear with authors of vegan cookbooks who say in the introduction that they’re not actually totally vegan though.  I know Ann Gentry has done a lot for vegan food with creating Real Food Daily and I understand the argument for being accessible and not telling people that it’s all or nothing, but for an all or nothing vegan it puts me off and I sometimes feel like some authors are trying to cash in on veganism (not Ann Gentry in particular).  I think my feeling this way is probably the reason I only got a third of the way into Veganist and can’t seem to make it any further…

Anyway, I’ll stop ranting for a little bit now and go and read my son some Harry Potter instead!


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