Vegetarinan Pad Thai

This was our first use of Peas and Thank You and it was just ok.  The sauce and marinade for the tofu was too sweet for me and contained too much ketchup.  I’m not a huge fan of ketchup, in the right situation I’m all for it (hot dogs, french fries, onion rings) but as an ingredient in any meal besides meatloaf I’ve never found it to work very well.  Even though there was lime juice in the marinade it still contained 3 tablespoons of sugar which did give the tofu a nice glaze when it was put under the grill but it also made it sweet which didn’t really delight my taste buds.

I used purple french beans rather than asparagus as that’s what we had.  A quick rant about asparagus, it seems to be in so many American recipe books like it’s available all year and isn’t a luxury item.  Over here in England it’s a really short season (we’re talking about a month and a half) and even the non-organic stuff costs an arm and a leg.  This year was the first year I got asparagus in the organic box and I got enough for 3 servings in total for the whole year.  You can, of course, buy it out of season but it’s even more expensive, tasteless, not organic and has been flown in so it’s terrible for the environment as well.  Ok, I feel better now…

Anyway, the recipe seemed to have a lot of ‘put this in the pan, take it all out and put something else in, put the first thing back in again, add something else’ which seemed a bit unnecessary so I just did it my way and it all worked out ok without the too and fro-ing.  I didn’t add the peanuts as I don’t need the fat, Jim doesn’t like them and Piggle wouldn’t have eaten anything else.

The boys ate it but they also weren’t thrilled with it.  We’ve never had Pad Thai from a restaurant before so I have no idea if this is in any way authentic, if it is then I won’t be ordering it if I do see it on the menu!  It’s not a bad recipe and I’m sure that many many people would enjoy it, it just wasn’t to our taste.


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