Minestrone Soup

Jim declared this some of the best soup he’d eaten which is compliment indeed from a boy who until last year said he hated soup and complained whenever I made it (which is a lot in the winter) and who now requests all kinds of soup all the time.  Piggle also adored this soup, it had butter beans and pasta in it, two of his favourite things in the whole world to eat.

The boys were also impressed when I pulled out the vegan parmesan and let them put it on their soup.  My Mother always served Kraft fake parmesan with minestrone so I figured I’d carry on the tradition without all the chemicals.  It adds a nice touch to the Italian flavours.  They also think that any white pasta is a big treat as we normally eat wholemeal organic, but I couldn’t find any soup pasta made that way.

This is a pretty standard minestrone recipe but a solid one.  I used chard (that Jim grew in a pot in our back yard) rather than kale as that’s what we had, but that’s the idea of minestrone, it’s supposed to be made with whatever you have to hand.  The only change I made was to add more garlic (I always add more garlic to things though) and instead of cooking the pasta separately I just threw it into the soup when I put the chard in (which was cooked for a shorter time than the recipe said to cook the kale obviously).

There’s half of this in the freezer to be pulled out for an easy meal some cold day and I know we’ll all enjoy it even thought the beans will be mushy from being frozen a second time and the pasta will be mushy from being frozen at all!


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