Fruit Crisp

Natala of Vegan Hope has started another blog called Simplified Food that you should check out if you’re into Natala’s way of cooking or just like food really…  I do understand people liking simple food and the desire to make things easier and quicker but loving cooking I also enjoy slow food and spending time making things that take effort and are complicated.  One day I’ll manage to find balance between the two!

Anyway, one of the first recipes Natala posted was Apple Crisp so I decided to give it a go.  I made it twice following the recipe (although I reduced the cinnamon to 2 tsps and left out the vanilla as I used vanilla rice milk).  I really loved it and ate it for breakfasts, puddings and snacks.  Piggle loved it too and always asked for some.

Then the third time I went to make it I was a little bored of just apples so I threw in all kinds of frozen soft fruit that I had on hand for smoothies for the boys along with some apples.  I didn’t change anything else in the recipe (except as before) and it was amazing!

This is a definite keeper and I know I’ll be making it over and over again.  It’s quite to make, I usually have everything I need on hand and it’s tasty.  Natala said that there were about 10 servings in her nutritional information and I only got about 6 servings from mine (yes, I am a pig) so bear that in mind if you’re into nutritional information and all that.  But try this for sure, go on you know you want to.


So, what do you think?

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