Veggie Enchiladas


You readers do know that I often tag the title of the book I’ve used to save me mentioning it in the post?  I got a comment a while back telling me off for ‘stealing’ a stupidly named recipe from a cookbook author and ‘not even having the decency to change the name’ from someone who obviously didn’t read tags.  Anyway, if you’re not sure where the tags are look between the post title and this paragraph after my name and Bob’s your Uncle.

Yeah, so I ran out of time and they’re layered rather than rolled individually, sue me…  Also Mexican food is very hard to photograph in an attractive manner, particularly in a dark kitchen…

We like Mexican style food in this house.  I’m sure American Mexican food has nothing more than a passing reference to proper Mexican food but I grew up eating it so I have a soft spot for it as well as liking the more traditional stuff.

I even made the Enchilada Sauce from the book as the recipe calls for, go me!  I did make some changes as I think Joni may be trying to kill English folk who have much stronger chili powder than in the US.  This recipe seriously calls for 1/4 cup chili powder.  I asked Celine on Twitter if that was right (how cool is it that you can ask questions directly to cookbook authors and some of them are actually kind enough to answer and not treat you like you’re an insane stalker?!?) and she confirmed it was so I changed it to 1 Tbsp as I’m feeding kids here and I don’t like to make them cry if I can help it (it’s noisy and gives me a headache).  I also reduced the paprika and used smoked and used chipotle flakes instead of powder as I’ve never found any powder (anyone know where I can get some in the UK?).  I didn’t have passata so I threw in a tin of chopped tomatoes and that seemed to work fine as I stuck the stick blender in at the end.  Besides that I didn’t change anything (does it still count as having used the recipe with that many changes?!?!).

Anyway, we used Melty White Cheese for the cheese element which Jim made and burnt to the bottom of the pan quite badly.  There was enough left though so all was not lost and as he’d not stirred the bottom of the pan at all he’d not stirred the burnt bits in.

I put everything else in that the recipe called for except for the jalapenos (the crying again) and the olives because I didn’t have any.

I thought the boys would like this but I was surprised at how much Piggle loved it.  He wolfed down all of his and asked for more which is pretty amazing really.  I obviously got the heat right for a 4-year-old so bear that in mind when adjusting for your own heat levels!

I only used half the sauce in this and I froze the rest and used it in a chilli a few weeks later which worked out really well and gave it a nice taste.  I’ll definitely be using both these recipes again.


One thought on “Veggie Enchiladas

  1. You can’t see those tags if you use Google Reader! I think I got my chipotle powder from Cool Chile Company, but i have made it by grinding whole ones in my spice grinder!

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