Chestnut Triangles with Cranberry Sauce

This book is not to be confused with 500 Vegan Recipes which is big and pink and rocks. This is a smaller book, it’s green and it actually only has 100 recipes with 4 variations on that recipe listed at the end of each chapter.  It’s not a bad book and I found quite a few things that I’d like to make from it and two things I’ve made already which I will tell you about post-haste.

My kids love pastry, any kind they’re not fussy about that part, and I swear I could wrap almost anything in it and they’d eat it even in any other form they’d never touch it.  I did take a picture of the filling of these but it was very ugly and unphotogenic so just imagine brown sauce with vegetables in it.

I thought that it didn’t sound like there would be enough filling to make 4 large ones (the recipe says to make 8 small but that’s fiddly and by the time I get to the pastry part of dinner I’m usually fast running out of time and need to get it in the oven asap) so I added extra veg.  Turns out that I was wrong (that’s not unusual) and I have lots of leftovers in the freezer.  I also have 2/3 of a tin of chestnut puree in the freezer as this only used 4oz so if anyone has any good recipes that uses it please let me know or it’ll have to go in soup.

There are mushrooms, carrot, celery, herbs, the chestnut puree obviously, herbs, onion and a bit of nutritional yeast in the filling and it was damn tasty.  I was glad that there was one leftover for lunch the next day and I had to hide it from the kids as they were eyeing it up after they’d finished their own.

There is a recipe for cranberry sauce included with the triangle recipe but I’m far too lazy, can’t get hold of cranberries easily and it has orange juice in it and I’m not a citrus fan beyond lemon and lime juice so I took the ‘grab a jar from Sainsburys and stick it on the table’ route.  The boys thought it was novel having jam with their dinner.

I’ll make these again for sure after using up the extra filling in the freezer.  It’s a nice way to get different nuts into the boys diet.

I’m just looking at the picture in the book and apparently I’m open to subliminal messages and not very original as in the background of the photo there is some out of focus broccoli and that’s what I served with these, not an original thought in my head it seems…


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