‘Spinach’ Kugel and Lentil Salad

Something I’m not good at is side dishes.  I can cook them, I just don’t seem to be able to pair them together well with a main dish so I tend to ignore them and serve plain vegetables or plain rice etc.  I have decided to try harder with the side dishes to give us some variety and to try to make the vegetables a little more interesting as well as my time in the kitchen.  So, when I decided on Kugel I followed Isa’s instructions in the intro and made the damn Lentil Salad.  Well, actually, I had my 8-year-old helper make it earlier in the day with a little help from this friend/Mother.

Do you know how long it takes an 8-year-old to cut up all those tomatoes? A REALLY LONG TIME in case you were interested.  He is also afraid of grating his fingers (fair play, I do it all the time) so I grated the carrot and chopped the onion for him and checked the lentils were done but all measuring and mixing were done by him.

We reduced the Dijon mustard to half a tablespoon as it sounded a little strong to me but besides that we went with it and it turned out really nicely.  The time it spent in the fridge mellowed out the dressing and the raw onions and it was really tasty, loads left for my lunches!

The kugel I’ve written about before but haven’t made it recently and for some reason this time I decided to make the full recipe rather than the half I usually do, apparently I feel like carbs for lunch all this week…  I used rainbow chard in place of the spinach and I sautéed it first along with the onion to soften it up.  I left out the devil’s dill as usual.

The boys loved the kugel, Jim thought the salad was ok and Piggle tested the salad as his brother had made it but didn’t like it (he did like the kugel though and ate loads).

I must find some other recipes for kugels and try them sometime.


One thought on “‘Spinach’ Kugel and Lentil Salad

  1. I’m exactly the same with neglecting side dishes so this is something I should work on. I’m forever bookmarking beautiful sides but just never make them 😦 I love that vcon lentil salad, haven’t tried the kugel though.

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